Garage Door Maintenance and Home Security

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Garage door maintenance is key in keeping your garage door in tiptop condition and it’s fundamental to home and family security. It deters break-ins and safeguards your possessions during natural calamities, like flooding and high winds. Buying and installing a quality garage door is an essential first step, but maintenance is equally important for continued use. Here’s what you should know and do for your garage door.

Observe Carefully

Maintenance is an absolute necessity to keeping your garage doors issue-free. However, no homeowner should or wants to pay for an unnecessary number of checkups.

Look and listen as you open and close the door. Does it move with minimal to no resistance? Does it make sounds while the slides are moving? Are the screws and bolts tightly in place?

You can continually pay attention to all of this, but if you’re stumped and need a repair now, call us here at Dependable and get it fixed today. Garage door maintenance is one of our many services, and we’d be happy to take care of any issues you’re having!

Tighten Loose Hardware

Garage doors open and close countless times per year. This sums up to a tremendous amount of motion and vibration that is sustained by the individual mechanical parts that automate it.

Loose hardware can make it seem like your door is giving up on you and is ready for a replacement when a little garage door maintenance could be all you need. Before calling a repair company to replace or repair it, get your tools and tighten those garage door rollers and bolts.

Take Precautionary Measures

Modern garage doors have mechanical parts that control its orientation. Working with mechanical parts must always be taken with additional precautionary measures as it can cause serious injury if approached carelessly.

Before performing garage door maintenance, always unplug the door opener first so that there is no way it will be activated by accident. If you must keep the door open while working, place a clamp onto the roller tracks underneath the roller to prevent the garage door rollers from sliding onto you.

Check the Garage Door Springs

Doors that are equal in weight will work the door opener harder than is necessary. As a result, the opener as well as the garage door springs and bolts wear out quickly.

To test if your garage door is properly balanced, unplug the opener by pulling the designated release handle. Then, raise the door halfway up. If the door slides down, the garage door springs are unbalanced and must be rebalanced immediately.

This process is beyond standard garage door maintenance and is best left to garage door companies like Dependable Garage Doors as it can be quite intricate.

Although oftentimes an irrelevant part of the house, garage doors play an integral role in the security of both your property and family. From its garage door rollers to springs, garage door maintenance should be taken seriously to avoid costly repairs and replacements.