Overhead Door Maintenance

When you own a business, you may be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the facility in which your business operates.

Maintenance of the overhead door is essential, and Dependable Garage Service can provide timely garage door service, repair, and replacement for your Dallas-area business.

Like other systems in use at your business, the best way to get the most out of your overhead door is to ensure regular attention is paid to basic servicing and maintenance needs. While unexpected problems do occur and may require emergency garage door repair, many other potential problems may never come to pass with regular upkeep of the door’s moving parts.

What Features Require Overhead Door Maintenance?

Your garage door is a simple yet reliable part of your business, and you may find that a variety of issues can cause problems if you ignore overhead door maintenance. For example, one of the ball bearing rollers may break, or the steel torsion spring cables may wear out or become misaligned. A quick maintenance check can catch a small issue that could turn into a costly emergency after the door is rendered inoperable.

Remember This: Although replacing a garage door is often a straightforward task we can complete in a day, a regular maintenance schedule means you may not need to replace that door for many years. Brief attention to features like the springs, the garage door opener, the hardware, and the ball bearing rollers can ward off emergencies, as well as extend the lifespan of your overhead door in Dallas.

How Often Should Overhead Doors Be Inspected?

As a responsible business owner, you’ll want to “eyeball” your overhead doors on a regular basis. With a careful eye, you may be able to determine whether you need overhead door repair before a small problem becomes a huge hassle. The addition of an inspection from a professional is another, valuable layer of protection for your commercial overhead door.

You’ll want to take a quick look at your garage door at least once a month. With regular, causal inspections, you’ll become familiar with your garage door’s moving parts and should be able to tell when something isn’t right. You can add a professional inspection to the mix a few times a year and ensure your garage door is kept in great condition.

Arrange Overhead Door Maintenance for Your Business

Imagine you arrive one morning at work and your overhead door won’t move. To avoid costly downtime at your business, you must contact an overhead door repair crew as quickly as possible. While repairs might only take a few hours to accomplish, the interruption to your business certainly isn’t the best way to start the day.

When you contact Dependable Garage Service, we’ll conduct an on-site inspection of your overhead doors and recommend a maintenance schedule that should help you avoid most routine problems. We may suggest adopting an inspection schedule each season or a few times a year, and we may also let you know when garage door replacement might be necessary.

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