Overhead Door Repair

Not only are we experts in overhead door installation, but the professionals of Dependable Garage Service are also able to diagnose any problem with a commercial overhead door.

If your overhead door has served your business well for many years, it’s not too unexpected that a problem could develop requiring some basic garage door repair and maintenance.

From misaligned tracks to bent springs, and malfunctioning garage door openers, we have the garage door parts, pieces, and knowledge to fix any issue with your overhead door in Dallas.

Common Issues that Need Overhead Door Repair

One of the unique features of your garage door is that many of the problems that can appear do so with an audible sound like a squeal each time the door is opened. However, diagnosing the exact problem isn’t always straightforward, and a quick call to Dependable Garage Service can get you the overhead door repair you need as quickly as possible.

We’re dedicated to solving the problems of our clients as quickly as possible because we know your business can’t afford to experience costly downtime due to a broken overhead door.

During our diagnosis of the problem, we may find one or more of the following issues:

A problem with a spring. Your door may operate with large springs on either side, and these springs are often very large and under intense pressure when they’re part of a large, commercial overhead door. Over time, it’s not unexpected that you may see one of the springs become bent out of place or become stretched.

A broken garage door opener. After you’ve reset the breakers and replaced the batteries in the remotes, it’s possible that your garage door opener still won’t function. We can diagnose the issue quickly and suggest the best option for fixing the opener whether it’s full replacement or a repair of a specific part.

A bent or broken panel. Sometimes, an overhead door will feature panels or windows that can become dislodged over time or become broken after an accident. We can replace bent or broken pieces of your overhead door since we keep a full array of garage door parts on hand for all garage door service and repair needs.

Bent tracks or dislodged rollers. If your garage door rolls up and down on a track, a slight movement of the track can make it impossible to open or close the door. Some movement is expected over time because of the natural settling of the building, but too much settling can eventually cause noise and movement problems.

Arrange for Swift Commercial Garage Door Repair with Dependable Garage Service

With professional overhead door installation, you should have no problems with your garage door for many years, especially if you arrange for regular garage door service visits from Dependable Garage Service. However, it’s almost inevitable that something will go wrong with your garage door eventually, and it’s helpful to know an experienced company that has provided garage door repair to customers and business owners across Dallas for many decades.

If the overhead door (or doors) at your business has started to malfunction and the problem is causing delays and hassles for your company, contact Dependable Garage Service immediately, and we’ll diagnose the problem as quickly as possible. Even if it’s the middle of the night, you can rely on our emergency garage door repair to make sure your overhead door is brought back to good working order in no time.

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