Garage Door Repair

If you take care of the garage door on your home with regular checkups, it should last you many years – and probably many decades.

However, when you need expert garage door repair in Dallas, Dependable Garage Service should be your first call for help. We not only assist with garage door replacement, but we can also help you fix any part of your garage door that has broken or which has started to malfunction.

Will your garage door suddenly not open? Did your garage door open but do so only after you pushed up on the door to assist the opener? Has the door started to make weird noises each time you use it? The professionals at Dependable Garage Service can help with all these issues and more when your garage door decides that it will stop doing its job.

Why is My Garage Door Making that Awful Noise?

The most obvious indication that something is amiss with the moving parts that control your garage door is that you hear a terrible noise each time the garage door opens or closes. Over time, the weight of your garage door can cause the metal tracks upon which it rolls to become misaligned. This misalignment can become problematic when they begin to cause the door to screech each time you open or close it.

It’s essential that you choose an experienced garage door repair company like Dependable Garage Service who can send a technician out immediately to fix this problem. It takes more than a few whacks of a hammer to guide the tracks back into place, and the weight of the door makes the process one fit only for a team of professionals.

Garage door remote not working? Here’s a good tip!

When your garage door opener stops working, the first thing you should do is replace the batteries. If the opener still isn’t working, don’t assume just yet that your garage door is malfunctioning badly. There’s a good chance another set of batteries could be dead – or close to it, too – because the entire system was installed with its batteries around the exact same time.

Make sure you check all the remotes and areas where batteries control your garage door before panicking that you need costly emergency garage door repair. The techs at Dependable Garage Service can definitely help you with problems that must be fixed immediately, but we’re also experts in diagnosing problems and finding a solution without fuss or mess.

Count on Dependable Garage Service

Garage door on the fritz? Don’t panic! Dependable Garage Service is here to help you with any and all garage door repair in Dallas.

Perhaps you need a new torsion spring because one has become bent or brittle. Maybe your garage door service requires some minor work on the lubrication of the wheels and tracks. Perhaps the remote is past its due date.

Give us a call at (972)-849-6193, and we’ll let you know whether you need complete garage door replacement, or whether quick and efficient overhead door repair will have your door back to good working order in no time.

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